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4 diamond core drilling mistakes

Most people assume that drilling is a straightforward process. It could be if you are observing it from the outside but from the inside, it is actually the opposite. Even if you are performing a minor drilling task at home, you need to be prepared and have a bit of know-how. You cannot simply expect to lift the machine and start drilling holes. You need to take extra precautions to avoid several common mistakes as well. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most popular diamond core drilling mistakes so that you are prepared for any type of drilling.

1. Drilling too fast

The speed of diamond core drilling depends on the hardness of the material. Typically, it is suggested that the speed is decreased as the concrete becomes harder and more abrasive. The reason being that drills require time to rotate against the surface for creating holes. Furthermore, speed recommendation is provided for every drill bit. Make sure that you slow down when required so that the drill is able to function properly.

2. Not using enough lubrication

Most people are not aware that drilling requires proper lubrication as well. In addition to that, many people tend to use oil-based lubricants, which is not suited to the purpose. The reason being that heat and corrosion can cause the lubricant to break down. Therefore, water is the best choice but people tend to get it wrong in terms of the amount used for lubrication. It might be that people are conscious of water being spilled everywhere but if you do not use enough water, the drill bit will become warm and can get damaged.

3. Too much pressure


Putting too much pressure on your drill will not achieve anything. It is assumed that excessive pressure will enable the drill to drill faster but that is not the case. If a drill is struggling to drill through a material, you need to give it time instead of additional pressure. Otherwise, you are only going to damage it. Not only that, the material you are drilling will fracture as well. Therefore, instead of putting too much pressure, handle and lead it the way it is drilling through the concrete.

4. Using the wrong lubricant

Drilling creates a lot of heat. This is why professionals companies for drilling suggest that a lubricant is used to control excessive heat and prevent corrosion. Most people use oil-based lubricants, which is not right. Water being a better option not only helps prevent excessive wear and tear of the drill bits but also reduces corrosion. You can either pour a bit of water directly over the drill bits or place it directly inside the water. Make sure that you use a sufficient amount of lubrication. The key lies in reducing friction. As a result, the temperature will decrease as well.

Final word

This blog aimed to address the most common diamond core drilling mistakes. More than half of drilling mistakes are caused by people either overlooking or simply ignoring basic procedures. Considering the tips outlined above, you are sure to perform any drilling task with ease and utmost safety.